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Health Center


Health Center

Welcome to Concord Health Center

Since we are a multidisciplinary healthcare center our patients share a common waiting area. During the cold and flu season it has always been our position that any patient with a fever should contact their clinician before coming to the waiting room. We have a seperate area for acutely ill patients to wait in. These patients are seen by Dr. Malis. 

Dr. Robichaud does not treat any patient who is experiencing a fever (temperature greater than 100.00 degrees without medication). If someone in your family has a fever and you have been in close contact with them, it is best that you postpone your visit even if you yourself are feeling well.

As we continue to see increasing cases of COVID-19 in Massachusetts, there are likely to be travel restrictions and suggestions for social distancing which may impact certain businesses. At this present time, The Concord Health Center is open for business and is seeing all scheduled patients. If you are uncertain about whether you should keep your a scheduled appointment please feel free to contact our front desk for clarification and guidance. 

The Concord Health Center was established in 1998 to provide multidisciplinary care to a diverse patient population. Our focus is to provide the best information possible so a patient might better understand the nature of their condition, and how through a collaborative effort resolve that problem. We work closely with the other members of your health care team, including your primary care physician, to coordinate any necessary diagnostic testing and referrals to other specialists. We believe healing is a partnership where treatment provided in the office must be coupled with at-home instructions regarding diet, exercise, nutrition, and other wellness practices to achieve optimal functioning of the body.